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Auto Expert’s process

Does AUTO EXPERT buy the vehicle I want and then sell it to me?
No, we broker the deal between you and the dealership.  We ensure you have a positive auto buying experience by eliminating all the headaches dealerships are synonymous for, plus we have more “buying power” as a company than an individual buying a car because we’re assisting at least 400 people every month!

Are you always going to give me the best price?
Not necessarily.  Our two primary goals are service excellence and convenience.  We’re not a pricing service.  If you receive a quote from us and compare it to another dealership who can beat our price, be sure there’s no catch with the dealer.  When we locate a vehicle for you, we locate the exact vehicle you will be purchasing and we’re quoting you an out-the-door price, nothing more.  For most online dealers, they’ll give a great price (sometimes too good to be true) to get you in the door, once you’re at the dealer, they will try to add more products onto the car as well as offer you their insurance products at outrageous prices.  If you decide to go with the dealer, be sure you get their price in writing before committing to anything.

Can I TEST DRIVE the vehicle before I purchase?
Yes!  You are able to test drive the vehicle you are planning to purchase. To test drive the vehicle, AUTO EXPERT sets up an appointment with you and our dealer contact.

Can I take advantage of AUTO EXPERT even if I decide not to finance through my credit union?
Yes!  If you decide not finance with one of our partner credit unions, Auto Expert can still assist in locating and delivering your vehicle to you.  We can still save you the headache of going into the dealership.

What if AUTO EXPERT locates my vehicle of choice out of my county?  Will I have to drive to pick the vehicle up?
Absolutely not!  Another advantage of AUTO EXPERT is our delivery process.  Whether the vehicle is 5 miles or 100 miles away, AUTO EXPERT will have it delivered to your closest credit union branch, place of work or even your driveway!

How does an auction purchase differ from a private party?
When using AUTO EXPERT’s auction process, you cannot take possession of the vehicle without it passing a safety inspection and smog certification.  Once this is complete, you may take delivery of your vehicle which also comes with a 30 day warranty*.  Private Party sales do not have these specific requirements or guarantees.  

Can AUTO EXPERT broker purchases of vehicles out-of-state?
Unfortunately, AUTO EXPERT can only broker dealers within California, per our dealer license. 

If there is a co-buyer for the vehicle and they’re unable to come in and sign dealer documents, can AUTO EXPERT still provide the service?
Dealer documents can either be signed in person or by mail.  However, your credit union may require both parties to be present to sign loan documents, this is at your lender’s discretion.

*responsible for a $50 deductible and taking the vehicle to the trade in company.

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