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Credit Unions

Do I need to be a member of one of your partner credit unions in order to use the service?
No, however, we will try to approve you through your closest credit union.  Read more about the benefits of a credit union here.  If you’re a member of another credit union that’s not a partner with us, we can still assist you because it can always give us an opportunity to add another partner credit union.

Why are you only partnered with Credit Unions?
We were created and now owned by Altura Credit Union, so naturally credit unions are a perfect fit for us.  In addition, we appreciate the emphasis on member service that credit unions provide.    Also, since we’re only licensed to work in California, the credit unions we partner with have more of a local presence than with a larger nationwide bank.  Click here to see the benefits a credit union.

Is there a fee or cost to use AUTO EXPERT?
No, we are free to credit union members.  Not a member?  That’s okay, we can still help you.  Read more about the benefits of a credit union here.

What if I’m denied by one of your partner credit unions, can I still use Auto Expert?
Absolutely!   Even if you’re denied with one of our partner credit unions, you can still use our service; especially if we’ve already found your vehicle.   We offer alternate financing, so we will try to finance you through the dealership you’ll be purchasing the vehicle from.

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  1. July 14, 2015 10:55 pm

    I have a question…this is in regards to a question about if a person is denied financing by a partner credit union, you will offer alternate financing through the dealership. Generally speaking, when you get financing through a dealership isn’t their financing a lot higher? Wouldn’t it be better to get the financing through the credit union? For example, how about getting pre-approved for a loan at the credit union before buying the car or how about getting a personal loan first and then pay full cash for the car up front? What is your take on these actions?

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