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Trade-in Process

How does the trade-in process work?
We have vendors who bid on your trade, determined on the appraised value of your vehicle, and we take the highest bid.  Then, if you agree to that amount, they will pick up the vehicle at the time of delivery of your new vehicle.  We also take care of all the DMV paperwork, so that way you don’t have to.

Isn’t it better if I just sold the vehicle myself?
You can, and you’ll probably get a better price for your vehicle selling it private party.  However, do you have the time to sell it private party?  If your time is more valuable and you want an easier way of getting rid of your current vehicle, we’ll be happy to assist!

Do I need to purchase a vehicle in order to take advantage of AUTO EXPERT’s trade in process?
Absolutely not!  If you have a vehicle that you need to sell or get rid of, we can take it off your hands.  And, if you trade in your vehicle with us, we’ll take care of all the paperwork.

Why does AUTO EXPERT separate the trade-in process?
In order to provide you a fair appraisal for your vehicle, we separate the conflict of interest a dealership can have by selling you a car and buying yours at the same time.  The purchase price of your new vehicle should not influence the value of your trade-in vehicle.

How do you appraise a vehicle sight unseen?
Our vendors give an extensive interview about the vehicle your trading in including questions about the history, condition and appearance.  As long as your 100% honest with them, the amount will be true.

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  1. Wendy Turner permalink
    May 21, 2010 9:12 am

    I need an appraisal on my 2003 BMW X5. Can someone contact me
    to find out more detail on the process.

    thank you


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