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Our Difference

Auto Expert is different from dealers, private party and other brokering services.   Below are the main differences between us and the other guys.


  • We are your personal shopper from beginning to end, and everything in between.  We assist you in finding the vehicle, financing and delivering the vehicle to you.
  • We deal directly with the management of the dealership, removing the salesperons’ commission.  And, we receive a volume discount.
  • We work with a selection of dealerships throughout southern California, so our inventory is endless.
  • We have separate trade-in vendors who bid on your trade.  This allows for a fair appraisal without influencing the purchase price of your new vehicle.

The other guys

Dealers, Salesperson – Individual walking onto a dealer lot

  • The salesperson will add their commission onto the price of the car
  • Cornered into the manager’s manager’s manager’s office to discuss everything under the sun
  • Dealers are able to trade vehicles from other dealers, if they are willing to.  However, the dealer’s goal is to sell whatever they have available on their lot, whether or not this matches your specifications.
  • If you trade-in your vehicle, dealers will usually increase the amount of the trade to make up for the “great price” you’re getting on your new car.
  • Dealers will up sell you aftermarket products, GAP and extended warranties at inflated prices.

Dealers, Internet Sales Managers

  • Just like an individual sales person at the dealer, just their territory is the Internet.
  • Chance of the Bait and Switch, which is the promising of having the vehicle you want at the price you want and then switching the vehicle and/or price when you arrive at the dealer.
  • You still have to pick up the vehicle at the dealer.

Private Party

  • A vehicle for sale directly from the owner.
  • Usually great for older, inexpensive vehicles.
  • Auto Expert does not find their vehicles through private parties because of the issue of warranties and other issues a private party is not able to cover.

Other brokering services, like Costco and AAA

  • Most brokering companies, excluding Auto Expert, only coordinates in finding a recommended dealer. 
  • You still have to go to the dealer of choice, meet with the finance person, and wait to have the vehicle prepped before you can leave the dealer which adds time and stress to the process. 
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